About Us

Metro Snacks is a premier supplier and distributor of packaged nuts and snacks for wholesale and retail in the Northeast and New York areas. Our line of product ranges from a wide variety of nuts, dried fruits, trail mixes, party snacks to dark and creamy chocolates. We also carry racks and signage for retailers and distributors.

We partner with largest private label snack manufacturere and suppliers like Bazzini ® Bartons ® and Barricini ® We offer innovative packaging designs and high-quality products that are available in variety of sizes. All our snack foods come with a 100% Guarantee for freshness and quality.

Retail and Distribution

Our products are competitively priced to allow for very high profit margins. They are perfect for grocery stores, convenient stores, gas stations, flea markets or anywhere snack foods are sold.

You can purchase our products by the case or by the truckload. We provide full merchandising support with various eye catching displays and signage to make them stand out from the rest.